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Serving small, medium, and large-sized practices and physicians groups, both corporatized and privately-owned.

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Dental Offices

The OSHA Lady makes annual training an exciting event!

Throughout her career, Karen’s focus has been the proper education and implementation of OSHA standards and infection control protocols for the dental industry – from the smallest private practice to enormous corporate offices – helping them meet and exceed national standards.

Karen has taught thousands of dental professionals how to effectively protect themselves, their patients, and their practice from accident and infection, energizing everyone from the front desk to the dentists and empowering them to utilize what they learn quickly and easily.

The OSHA Lady makes safety protocol implementation a breeze!

Where medical offices are concerned, Karen has navigated every aspect of properly implementing safety and infection controls in offices with only a few employees all the way up to practices with multiple doctors, helping each one meet and exceed OSHA’s national standards.

Karen has educated thousands of dedicated medical professionals on how to defend themselves, their patients, and their offices against infections and accidents, allowing all of your employees to support your practice with the knowledge to protect your livelihood and those who seek your skills.

Medical Offices


Initial trainings. Annual trainings. Continued Education courses. OSHA updates. New Infection Control standards. Why see it as a burden when I can make it all so quick and easy?


Being confident your practice will pass an OSHA & Infection Control inspection is worth its weight in gold…and I have the knowledge, experience, and tools you’ll need to pass with flying colors!


Offices Brought Into Compliance


Comprehensive Trainings Conducted


OSHA Manuals Implemented

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