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OSHA & Infection Control Consultant

Serving small to medium-sized corporations, both publicly traded and privately owned.

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You’re in business to serve your base. I’m in business to ensure you know how to keep your business – and your base – safe! Let me help you bring your company into full compliance so we can protect your investment together!


OSHA and Infection Control feel far more complicated than they really are…and I have the knowledge and the tools to make it simple, engaging, and even riveting! Book your annual training today and let’s safeguard your business together!

Safety Consulting & Training

The OSHA Lady makes implementing OSHA and Infection Control practices painless!

Throughout her career, Karen has had to navigate every aspect of properly implementing safety controls for corporate America – from tiny two-person offices to mid-sized multi-department corporations – helping them meet and exceed national standards.

Karen has shown thousands of people how to effectively protect themselves, their customers, and their businesses from accident and infection, energizing everyone from custodial staff to executives and empowering them to act upon what they learn swiftly and with ease.


Consultations Completed


Businesses Comprehensively Trained


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